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Cancel culture?

The talking point in social media at the moment (in my bubble, at least) seems to be the letter on justice and open debate, signed by 150 luminaries. It’s not been universally well-received. There was some quite measured comments in … Continue reading

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The crisis of free speech in higher education

I came across an interesting post by Mark Carrigan called the (coming) crisis of free speech in the digital university. The underlying issue is the suggestion that there is a crisis of free speech in higher education. This is related, … Continue reading

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Isn’t this also kind of an own goal?

Yesterday’s post was about the recent New York Time’s (NYT) Op-Ed by Bret Stephens. Some people, including a number of climate scientists, are sufficiently disappointed in this that they’re publicly cancelling their NYT subscriptions. Tom Yulsman, a journalism professor and … Continue reading

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Free speech in academia

I wrote a post a while ago about the newly formed Heterodox Academy. The basic motivation of the Heterodox Academy is [t]o increase viewpoint diversity in the academy, with a special focus on the social sciences. The basic idea being … Continue reading

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Free speech

The issues of free speech and censorship seems to have cropped up in a number of places in the climate debate recently. Judith Curry has a recent post where she has highlighted and commented on recent articles about this topic. … Continue reading

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