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The crisis of free speech in higher education

I came across an interesting post by Mark Carrigan called the (coming) crisis of free speech in the digital university. The underlying issue is the suggestion that there is a crisis of free speech in higher education. This is related, … Continue reading

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Isn’t this also kind of an own goal?

Yesterday’s post was about the recent New York Time’s (NYT) Op-Ed by Bret Stephens. Some people, including a number of climate scientists, are sufficiently disappointed in this that they’re publicly cancelling their NYT subscriptions. Tom Yulsman, a journalism professor and … Continue reading

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Free speech in academia

I wrote a post a while ago about the newly formed Heterodox Academy. The basic motivation of the Heterodox Academy is [t]o increase viewpoint diversity in the academy, with a special focus on the social sciences. The basic idea being … Continue reading

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Free speech

The issues of free speech and censorship seems to have cropped up in a number of places in the climate debate recently. Judith Curry has a recent post where she has highlighted and commented on recent articles about this topic. … Continue reading

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