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Estimates of the economic impact of climate change

I realise Stoat has already covered this, but I thought I would also briefly discuss it here. I posted a couple of tweets, that got quite a lot of responses, about the economic impacts of climate change, that tried to … Continue reading

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Quick correction to Tol (2009)

Apparently one of the numbers used by Tol (2009) to estimate the Economic Effects of Climate Change is incorrect. Chris Hope’s 2006 study actually predicted a -0.9 % change in GDP for a 2.5oC rise in temperature (since 2009) not … Continue reading

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Watt about the 100:1?

I really thought that maybe Watts Up With That (WUWT) was keeping quiet about Topher Field’s 50-to-1 video project because they’d realised just how silly the actual calculation was. Oh, how wrong I was. There is now a new post … Continue reading

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50 times more expensive! Don’t make me laugh!

I wasn’t going to discuss Topher Field’s 50-to-1 project as the premise is rather ridiculous and I don’t really want to give it any undue publicity. However, it sometimes seems better to at least try and address such things so … Continue reading

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