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Effective emission height

I should start by saying that this post was partly motivated by an intersting comment from Pekke Pirila on another thread. Also, Eli already has a post that mostly cover this, so this is more from completeness, than anything else. … Continue reading

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The Greenhouse Effect

I’ve been having an interesting discussion with The Hockey Schtick and with Ronan Connolly on the new Gobal Warming Solved site (Archived here). What’s remarkable is the level of agreement. We agree that the atmosphere absorbs and emits radiation (mainly … Continue reading


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The lapse rate

I’ve just encountered a new global warming site called Global warming solved (archived). The site appears to be run by a family who also owns a journal called The Open Peer-Reviewed Journal, the first 8 papers in which are all … Continue reading

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Forced vs Unforced Variability

This could well be another post that illustrates my ignorance, more than anything else, but maybe I’ll learn something from it, even if noone else does. I have been assuming that it was generally agreed/accepted that periods of major climate … Continue reading

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The Thermostatic Hypothesis

Willis Eschenbach and Roy Spencer appear to be having a bit of a battle over whether or not the type of citizen science that Willis undertakes has any real merit. Roy doesn’t seem to think that what Willis does has … Continue reading

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John Cook and the atomic bombs

John Cook, who writes the Skeptical Science blog, has been criticised – in a blog article called Media Fail: John Cook’s Atom Bombs – for comparing global warming to atomic bombs. This Media Fail post is actually referring to an … Continue reading

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A couple of basic questions for Bob Tisdale.

Bob Tisdale has added a new post to the Watts Up With That (WUWT) site, in which he makes a a quick comment about the PAGES continental temperature reconstructions. In this post he comments that “but as I’ve been illustrating … Continue reading

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