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Science communication

I came across a Guardian article called why scientists are losing the fight to communicate science to the public. The only polite way I can describe it is missing the point entirely. The article was motivated by Brian Cox’s appearance … Continue reading

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ECS too low?

I’ve regularly written about the Equilibrium Climate Sensitivity (ECS), in particular estimates by Nic Lewis and why they are probably a bit too low. For balance I should probably now mention a new paper called Observational constraints on mixed-phase clouds … Continue reading

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Unless you’re a UK-based academic, you may not know that yesterday was an important day in UK academia; it was the release of the results from the 2014 Research Excellence Framework (REF) exercise. This is an assessment of most of … Continue reading

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The best evidence we have!

Brian Cox took a bit of flack because of a Guardian article about a speech he’d given in which he appeared to be suggesting that – when discussing climate science – scientists should sound more certain than they are. I … Continue reading

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The “pause” that isn’t

There’s a good article in the Guardian today but Graham Readfearn, called the ‘pause’ in global warming is not even a thing. I certainly agree with the premise of the article; there’s no real evidence that anything has paused. Surface … Continue reading

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The true cost of wind power

There was an article in the Telegraph yesterday about the True cost of Britain’s wind-farm industry. The article highlighted government figures showing that the wind farm industry received £1.2 billion in subsidies last year and employed 12000 people, hence it … Continue reading

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Watt is Bob doing?

I really thought I might only write a few posts here, but it’s hard to avoid commenting on what is said on Watts Up With That (WUWT). Bob Tisdale, in a recent post called Dana Nuccitelli misleads and misinforms in … Continue reading

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