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The warmest year…again

I haven’t, yet, written anything about 2016 becoming the warmest year in record. That’s partly because it appears to have been virtually certain that it would be for a few months now, and partly because it’s been extensively covered elsewhere. … Continue reading

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Temperature homogenisation

Amazing as it may seem, the whole tampering with temperature data conspiracy has managed to rear its ugly head once again. James Delingpole has a rather silly article that even Bishop Hill calls interesting (although, to be fair, I have … Continue reading

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Watt about 10 years of ‘accelerated global warming’?

Watts Up With That (WUWT) has a new post by our old favourited Christopher Monckton. It’s called Ten years of ‘accelerated global warming’?. In this post Christopher attempts to address Barack Obama’s claim that over the past decade global warming … Continue reading

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