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A challenge for my readers

John Cook and colleagues have new paper out about [d]econstructing climate misinformation to identify reasoning errors. The basic idea is to inoculat[e] against misinformation by explaining the fallacious reasoning within misleading denialist claims. and to [o]ffer a strategy based on … Continue reading

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Say it again, and again, and again, and again …..

Since I’ve been focusing a bit recently on science communication I thought I would briefly discuss a paper by Simon Donner called Publish or perish: finding the balance in science communication. The reason for my title is that he suggests … Continue reading

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Consensus on consensus

Richard Tol’s consensus paper has finally been published. Richard’s paper can probably be described as taking all possible sets of numbers from all the various other consensus studies, and plotting graphs showing various possible levels of consensus, but without paying … Continue reading

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A grand scheme of scientists

I came across this video today of John Cook interviewing Brian Schmidt, who shared the Nobel Prize for Physics for his work showing that the expansion of the universe is accelerating. He mainly talks about attempting to accept a bet … Continue reading

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Peter Doran on the 97%.

Since I haven’t written about the 97% for some time, I thought I would post this video of Peter Doran’s TEDx talk about Bringing opinions on climate change closer to reality. There are a couple of things I found interesting … Continue reading

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Bravo, Richard Tol, Bravo!

Richard Tol, Professor of Economics at the University of Sussex, has finally managed to publish his comment on Cook et al. (2013), a paper that illustrates the level of consensus – with regards to Anthropogenic Global Warming (AGW) – in … Continue reading

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Richard Tol and the 97% consensus – again!

Apparently Richard Tol has managed (after an impressive number of attempts – you can’t fault his commitment to this cause) to get his paper about the Consensus project published. I’ve discussed his attempts to discredit the consensus project in a … Continue reading

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