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The feedback paradox

Realclimate has a new post, by Rasmus Benestad, that discusses predcitable and unpredictable behaviour. It focuses a little on Judith Curry’s recent report about climate models, that I discussed here. The Realclimate post is well worth reading, and I encourage … Continue reading

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Science on the verge?

Michael Tobis has posted a recent article about who decides what is true? He addresses an interesting issue; when you work within a discipline, you typically know what is regarded as credible and what isn’t. Explaining this to those on … Continue reading

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Mass Balance

I once again managed to get involved in a discussion on Judith Curry’s blog about the rise in atmospheric CO2. This time was slightly better than it has been in the past, as most seemed to at least agree that … Continue reading

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Precautionary measures

Nassim Taleb, who is the originator of the Black Swan theory, is – amongst others – the author of a short essay called Climate models and precautionary measures. The basic premise seems to be that because this is a global … Continue reading

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I watched some of the Congressional hearing yesterday on Data or dogma? It consisted of evidence from four people who I shall politely describe as contrarians (Judith Curry, John Christy, William Happer, and Mark Steyn) and one person who had … Continue reading

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There is no tribe!

David Rose has a new article about Judith Curry called I was tossed out of the tribe. Well, here’s problem number one. There is no tribe. If you’re a scientist/researcher, then you should be aiming to do research that is … Continue reading

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NOAA vs Lamar Smith

Two posts in one day; I haven’t done that for a while. Must be because I’ve drifted back into the climate wars. I kind of wish I was more interested in sociology, because some of what I’ve experienced in the … Continue reading

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