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Guest post: On Baselines and Buoys

One of the key criticisms of Karl et al. (2015) is that it used a dataset that adjusted buoy data up to ship data – the suggestion being that, in doing so, they produced more apparent warming than if the … Continue reading

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David Rose: From the bizarre to the ridiculous

After last week’s article, in which he produced an extremely misleading figure, David Rose has doubled down with a new article asking how can we trust global warming scientists if the keep twisting the truth? He claims that A landmark … Continue reading

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Doing science

This whole furore about Karl et al. has got me thinking more about how we actually conduct science/research. There is, I think, a perception that doing science/research involves following a fairly well defined set of procedures about which there should … Continue reading

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Expose: David Rose does not understand baselines

Never failing to disappoint, David Rose is back with a new expose on how world leaders were duped into investing billions over manipulated global warming data. It refers to a paper published by Karl et al. in 2015 in which … Continue reading

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Is the GWPF ‘avin a larf – again?

I’ve been doing quite a lot of cycling during our holiday, and today cycled over Duke’s Pass (a classic Scottish cycling route, apparently) and then cycled back around the Loch on the banks of which we’re staying. Very nice, but … Continue reading

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No “pause”?

I wasn’t going to write a whole post on this, but what I thought I would do is simply provide links to those that have. Doug’s McNeall’s blog. RealClimate. International Surface Temperature Initiative. BBC, with – IMO – a sensible … Continue reading

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