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The Greenhouse Effect

I’ve ended up in a rather silly discussion/debate on Twitter about the Greenhouse Effect. I realise it’s rather pointless, in that those who dispute it are very unlikely to accept its reality. However, it’s still interesting to think about how … Continue reading


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Infrared absorption of atmospheric carbon dioxide

Geoff Price made me aware of a paper, by an apparently highly published physicist, that considers the infrared absorption of atmospheric carbon. It concludes that CO2 is a very weak greenhouse gas and cannot be accepted as the main driver … Continue reading

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The Greenhouse effect: an illustration

I thought I would quickly highlight this Realclimate post which is intended to be the best description of the Greenhouse effect. It’s written by Ramus Benestad, the author of this paper. The main reason I wanted to highlight it was … Continue reading

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Effective emission height

I should start by saying that this post was partly motivated by an intersting comment from Pekke Pirila on another thread. Also, Eli already has a post that mostly cover this, so this is more from completeness, than anything else. … Continue reading

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The lapse rate

I’ve just encountered a new global warming site called Global warming solved (archived). The site appears to be run by a family who also owns a journal called The Open Peer-Reviewed Journal, the first 8 papers in which are all … Continue reading

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