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Our Ethical Web of Beliefs

Last winter, I saw over the tweeter that Lawrence Torcello published a new paper. Paywalled. So I asked him for a copy, using the hashtag #CanIHazPDF: Paywalled, @LTorcello – #canihazpdf please? — willard (@nevaudit) January 24, 2016 He sent me … Continue reading

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Consensus messaging – again

I’ve written before about my views with respect to consensus messaging. It seems to be a topic that divides opinion, but there was a recent paper suggesting that perceived scientific agreement is an important gateway belief, ultimately influencing public responses … Continue reading

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Monckton doubles down – again!

Recently, I wrote a post pointing out major issues with Monckton et als. recent paper. Stoat thinks it’s complete trash. Arthur Smith has an excellent post discussing real problems with Monckton’s equations. Jan Perlwitz has a post pointing out that … Continue reading

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2 degrees by 2036

Michael Mann and Lawrence Torcello have an article in the Conversation about the philosophy and science of limiting global warming to 2oC. This caused some controversy on Twitter because it wasn’t clear if the article referred to the Northern Hemisphere … Continue reading

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I’ve been thinking about this post for a few days, but have been uncertain as to whether or not to write it; partly because I wouldn’t mind some peace and quiet, partly because I may not really do it justice, … Continue reading

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Criminally negligent?

I wrote this post a day or so ago and then decided not to post it as there was still quite a lot of activity on other threads. Given that it’s quietened down a little, I thought I would post … Continue reading

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