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Independent SAGE – Climate

Sir David King, who has been leading the Independent SAGE group, is planning to set up a similar group that will focus on climate change (H/T Doug McNeall). It will apparently have 14 experts, from 10 nations, and every continent. … Continue reading

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Pragmatic climate policy

Given that I’ve now been outed (largely thanks to Anthony Watts and Richard Tol, I believe) Rachel had suggested I write a post about myself. I might, at some stage, but thought I would first write about something that was … Continue reading

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Talk politics not science

Mark Maslin has an interested article in the Conversation called why I’ll talk politics with climate change deniers, but not science. His basic point is that many scientists operate in the so-called deficit model; people do not accept the science … Continue reading

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Cumulative matters

I was contemplating writing a post about a discussion I had on Twitter regarding whether or not we should focus on adaptation while developing technology, but I don’t really have the time now. The one comment I will make is … Continue reading

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Professional Climateball(TM)

The whole saga about Matt Ridley and his recent Times article called Policy-based evidence making feels a bit like a semi-professional version of ClimateBallTM. His article didn’t go down well with some, including Richard Betts and Mark Maslin (a Professor … Continue reading

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