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Zharkova et al. – retracted

Just a quick post to highlight that the Zharkova et al. paper, that I’ve discussed in a couple of previous posts, has now been retracted. The retraction notice is here. There’s a Retraction Watch post, which also includes a link … Continue reading

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Sherelle’s Bingo Squares

Yesterday Michael Brown alterted me (see “@nevaudit”) to this contrarian editorial: As many of you already know, I am currently developing a ClimateBall Bingo. That bingo consists of squares that I identify with a “but.” The central square is “but … Continue reading

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#astroSH Hastiludes

Once upon a time, there was a valiant Prince who lived in a Castle, far far away. His penthouse dominated the highest tower, and his facilities covered the newly revised hierarchy of needs: In the comfort of his tower, our … Continue reading

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What matters is the radiative imbalance

I started this blog because I was getting frustrated by how often I saw scientific claims being made, with regards to global warming, that were just simply wrong. I was following, and partially involved with, a brief exchange between Joanne … Continue reading

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