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Consensus messaging, an update

If you’re a regular follower of this blog, you’ll know that some of the most active threads have concerned the scientific consensus about climate change and, more specifically, the issue of consensus messaging. Recently, a new book has been released … Continue reading

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A human extinction denier?

Mike Hulme has a new essay that some are promoting on Twitter. He suggests that he is a human extinction denier and objects to the climate emergency narrative. Although I have my own concerns about some of the extreme rhetoric, … Continue reading

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Sometimes all you can do is laugh!

I see Andrew Montford has authored a new Global Warming Policy Foundation report about The Warming Consensus and its critics. Personally, I find this whole argument about the consensus tedious and childish. It exists, knowing it exists could be important, … Continue reading

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Science and Policy

This post is partly an attempt to answer a comment from Joshua, partly motivated by Mike Hulme’s recent article in The Conversation called Science can’t settle what should be done about climate change, and partly by a sense that the … Continue reading

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Regaining trust?

There seem to have been a number of articles and posts recently that have mentioned public trust in climate scientists. There was Tamsin Edwards’s article in the Guardian. After criticising John Cook’s consensus study in a comment on Ben Pile’s … Continue reading

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Closing down the debate!

Making Science Public has allowed Dana Nuccitelli to respond to Ben Pile’s recent post What’s behind the battle of received wisdoms?. I think Dana’s response is very good, but I would say that wouldn’t I? One of the things that … Continue reading

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Mike Hulme and the 97% consensus

Ben Pile, a writer for Spiked Online who has his own blog called climate-resistance, has a guest post on a University of Nottingham Making Science public blog. His post discusses Andrew Neil’s interview with Ed Davey, Dana’s response, and also … Continue reading

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