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A human extinction denier?

Mike Hulme has a new essay that some are promoting on Twitter. He suggests that he is a human extinction denier and objects to the climate emergency narrative. Although I have my own concerns about some of the extreme rhetoric, … Continue reading

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Sometimes all you can do is laugh!

I see Andrew Montford has authored a new Global Warming Policy Foundation report about The Warming Consensus and its critics. Personally, I find this whole argument about the consensus tedious and childish. It exists, knowing it exists could be important, … Continue reading

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Science and Policy

This post is partly an attempt to answer a comment from Joshua, partly motivated by Mike Hulme’s recent article in The Conversation called Science can’t settle what should be done about climate change, and partly by a sense that the … Continue reading

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Regaining trust?

There seem to have been a number of articles and posts recently that have mentioned public trust in climate scientists. There was Tamsin Edwards’s article in the Guardian. After criticising John Cook’s consensus study in a comment on Ben Pile’s … Continue reading

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Closing down the debate!

Making Science Public has allowed Dana Nuccitelli to respond to Ben Pile’s recent post What’s behind the battle of received wisdoms?. I think Dana’s response is very good, but I would say that wouldn’t I? One of the things that … Continue reading

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Mike Hulme and the 97% consensus

Ben Pile, a writer for Spiked Online who has his own blog called climate-resistance, has a guest post on a University of Nottingham Making Science public blog. His post discusses Andrew Neil’s interview with Ed Davey, Dana’s response, and also … Continue reading

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