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Extreme precipitation events

This post is partly motivated by something I think I either heard Michael Shellenberger say, or write, but I can’t find it anymore. I have tried reading some of the articles again, and listening to some of the podcasts again, … Continue reading

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Ignoring adaptation?

Oren Cass has an article in the Wall Street Journal called Doomsday climate scenarios are a joke. It’s based on a report that he has written for the Manhattan Institute. The Manhattan Institute publishes a magazine called the City Journal … Continue reading

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You can’t negotiate with Physics

In the comments on my previous post Rachel mentioned a recent article by Bill McKibben called we can’t negotiate over the physics of climate change. Given that he makes an argument that’s similar to what I’ve said myself, I should … Continue reading

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One of the motivations behind yesterday’s post was the sense that we will start to see people, who might be regarded as contrarians (or mitigation skeptics, as Victor might say), starting to adjust their views to be more consistent with … Continue reading

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Adaptation, mitigation, or both?

I’ve been trying (and maybe failing) to mainly discuss science, and to not delve too much into the specifics of climate policy. However, I have found it interesting that the rhetoric associated with climate policy appears to be changing somewhat. … Continue reading

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