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A coupled climate-social system

I came across an interesting paper by Frances Moore and colleagues that considers [d]eterminants of emissions pathways in the coupled climate–social system. In the context of climate science, models that consider both the climate and society tend to not be … Continue reading


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The Last Glacial Maximum

There’s an interesting paper by Seltzer et al. called [w]idespread six degrees Celsius cooling on land during the Last Glacial Maximum, which I became aware of through a Twitter thread by Werner Aeschbach. The reason it’s interesting is that it … Continue reading

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Zharkova et al. – retracted

Just a quick post to highlight that the Zharkova et al. paper, that I’ve discussed in a couple of previous posts, has now been retracted. The retraction notice is here. There’s a Retraction Watch post, which also includes a link … Continue reading

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IAMs – Open Thread

There’s been an interesting debate about IAMs. IAMs are Integrated Assessment Models that are used to develop mitigation pathways. In this article, Kevin Anderson argues that IAMs are simply the wrong tools for the job, while Jessica Jewel clarifies the … Continue reading

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Constraining unforced variability

Pages 2k has a new Nature paper called Consistent multidecadal variability in global temperature reconstructions and simulations over the Common Era. What they do is present 2,000-year-long global mean temperature reconstructions using seven different statistical methods that draw from a … Continue reading

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CO2 sequestration during glacial maxima

Over the last ~800000 years, the Earth has undergone a series of cycles in which it has switched from being in a glacial, with large ice sheets, into an interglacial, with small ice sheets. Known as glacial cycles, these are … Continue reading

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Out of the lab and into the field?

This is probably going to be another of those rather confused posts, which doesn’t really say much and in which I illustrate my own confusion, more than anything else. I’ve been reading (a few times, now) a Nature article by … Continue reading

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Climate Sensitivity on the Rise

There’s a Nature news & views article by Kyle Armour called Projection and prediction: Climate sensitivity on the rise. It discusses various analyses that indicate that simple energy balance methods tend to under-estimate climate sensitivity. Normally, I would write a … Continue reading

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A “hiatus” in some people’s “skepticism”?

There’s a new paper doing the rounds of the blogosphere, called Varying planetary heat sink led to global-warming slowdown and acceleration. Judith Curry has a post about it. The basic result of the paper is that the “missing heat” is … Continue reading

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Judith Curry is blown away?

Judith Curry, a professional climate scientist who writes the Climate Etc. blog, is apparently blown away by a recent paper in Nature. The paper is by Yu Kosaka and Shang-Ping Xie and is called Recent global-warming hiatus tied to equatorial … Continue reading

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