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The warmest year…again

I haven’t, yet, written anything about 2016 becoming the warmest year in record. That’s partly because it appears to have been virtually certain that it would be for a few months now, and partly because it’s been extensively covered elsewhere. … Continue reading

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NOAA vs Lamar Smith

Two posts in one day; I haven’t done that for a while. Must be because I’ve drifted back into the climate wars. I kind of wish I was more interested in sociology, because some of what I’ve experienced in the … Continue reading

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No “pause”?

I wasn’t going to write a whole post on this, but what I thought I would do is simply provide links to those that have. Doug’s McNeall’s blog. RealClimate. International Surface Temperature Initiative. BBC, with – IMO – a sensible … Continue reading

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Temperature homogenisation

Amazing as it may seem, the whole tampering with temperature data conspiracy has managed to rear its ugly head once again. James Delingpole has a rather silly article that even Bishop Hill calls interesting (although, to be fair, I have … Continue reading

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Ocean heat content and sea surface temperatures

I had a number of interesting Twitter conversations today and thought I would write about one of them. It started with me retweeting something from Andy Revkin which showed the NOAA ocean heat content, down to a depth of 2000m, … Continue reading

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Watt about the averages?

Just a quick post to point out that Bob Tisdale doesn’t read things very carefully, or doesn’t take much time to think about what he has read. In a recent Watts Up With That (WUWT) post called Why the NOAA … Continue reading

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Arctic sea ice extent

I was somewhat surprised to see the following tweet from Andrew Neil Scientists, Marine Research, Bergen: decline in Arctic ice not thru warmer air but by shifts in ocean currents, pushing warmer water north — Andrew Neil (@afneil) July 6, … Continue reading

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