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The allure of articulate confidence.

I watched BBC One’s Saturday Morning Live, which included James Delingpole discussing the Pope’s Encyclical Letter. I think you can watch the episode here. What it seemed to illustrate, to me, was both the allure of articulate confidence and why … Continue reading

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Professional Climateball(TM)

The whole saga about Matt Ridley and his recent Times article called Policy-based evidence making feels a bit like a semi-professional version of ClimateBallTM. His article didn’t go down well with some, including Richard Betts and Mark Maslin (a Professor … Continue reading

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The secretive Royal Society

I wrote. a couple of days ago, about Nigel Lawson’s meeting with the Royal Society. The meeting was apparently held under Chatham House Rules. This means that those involved can use the information presented at the meeting but cannot disclose … Continue reading

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Nigel Lawson and the Royal Society

Apparently Nigel Lawson, Chairman of the Global Warming Policy Foundation, met with members of the Royal Society to discuss climate science and climate policy. Nigel Lawson has reported on aspects of the meeting in a Spectator article and is implying … Continue reading

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Watt about consistency?

A recent Watts Up With That (WUWT) highlights various reports and articles that discuss scientific consensus and controversies. There is a general tendency within the skeptic community to regard a scientific consensus as unscientific. I believe the implication is that … Continue reading

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