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There was no “pause” in global warming!

There are a couple of new papers that essentially analyse the various analyses of the supposed “pause” in global warming. One, lead by James Risbey considers fluctuation[s] in surface temperature in historical context: reassessment and retrospective on the evidence. The … Continue reading

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David Whitehouse is very confused

David Whitehouse, who is Science editor for the Global Warming Policy Foundation, has an article in the The Spectator, apparently presenting the truth about the global warming pause. It is, to be polite, very confused. For starters, it defines the … Continue reading

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One graph to rule them all

Given that I’ve written a number of posts about the so-called “pause”, I thought I would mention a recent paper by Lewandowsky, Risbey & Oreskes called On the definition and identifiability of the alleged “hiatus” in global warming. I don’t … Continue reading

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Certainty and meaning?

There’s a new paper in Nature Climate Change by Greg Hollin and Warren Pearce called Tension between scientific certainty and meaning complicates communication of IPCC reports. You can read more about it in this Making Science Public post. Let me … Continue reading

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No “pause”?

I wasn’t going to write a whole post on this, but what I thought I would do is simply provide links to those that have. Doug’s McNeall’s blog. RealClimate. International Surface Temperature Initiative. BBC, with – IMO – a sensible … Continue reading

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Guest post: Climate variability research: did the sceptics make us do it?

This is a guest post by Prof. Richard Betts, Head of Climate Impacts at the Met Office, about Lewandowsky et al’s forthcoming paper, which suggests that climate skeptics influence climate scientists. The post speaks for itself, so I won’t say … Continue reading

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A “hiatus” in some people’s “skepticism”?

There’s a new paper doing the rounds of the blogosphere, called Varying planetary heat sink led to global-warming slowdown and acceleration. Judith Curry has a post about it. The basic result of the paper is that the “missing heat” is … Continue reading

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