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No, peer-review isn’t tainted!

It seems that some climate “skeptics” are revelling in the publication of another hoax paper. In this case a paper called The conceptual penis as a social construct, which has now been withdrawn (an archived version is here). The authors … Continue reading

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Science is broken!

There’s been quite a lot in the media, and elsewhere, about problems with science. A common theme at the moment is the replication crisis, but you regularly see claims in the blogosphere that papers should be retracted because they supposedly … Continue reading

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Reblog: On Hansen et al.

I haven’t really had a chance to properly read the new Hansen et al. paper (apart from the reviewers, who does?). However, it is clearly a paper that has already had impact and somewhat divided opinions, so I asked Peter … Continue reading

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Politicised science?

There are a number of people who seem to object to one of the reviewers of Lennart Bengtsson’s paper saying Summarising, the simplistic comparison of ranges from AR4, AR5, and Otto et al, combined with the statement they they are … Continue reading

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Lennart Bengtsson’s paper

I wasn’t really going to say much about Lennart Bengtsson and the GWPF. Stoat and HotWhopper have covered it if you want to read more. I have some sympathy with someone who may have felt pressurized by their colleagues. On … Continue reading

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Elements of truth

Stoat’s recent post about peer review, reminded me that there was something related that I had been considering writing about. There appears to be many climate “skeptics” (deniers some would call them) who regularly make claims about peer review being … Continue reading

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Watt about peer-review?

There’s a new post on Watts Up With That (WUWT) called peer review – the rotten business model of modern science. Given that one of the arguments in the post is that the anonymity of the reviewer gives them power … Continue reading

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