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Sarah’s Wand

In the spirit of We Are Science, here’s an edited chat with Dr. Sarah Taber, whom I’ve met over the tweeter. She has things to say about land ownership, farming, and AGW. Enjoy. [Willard, so W] hello [Dr Sarah Taber, … Continue reading

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The CO2 World Cup

Glen Peters found a nifty way to plug in CO2 emissions per person during the World Cup: Who has the lowest CO₂ emissions per person? France – Croatia (#FRACRO)#FRA – #CRO#WorldCup #CO2WorldCup https://t.co/aqjMTmv8EK pic.twitter.com/2VkmPLo7dr — Glen Peters (@Peters_Glen) July 15, … Continue reading

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The War on Science … Not?

For the last week or so, I’ve been reading, and re-reading, an article called perspective: It’s not a war on science. The reason I’ve been doing this is because I noticed that a number of people seemed to regard it … Continue reading

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Marches for Science

Tomorrow is the day of Marches for Science. The idea of a march for science has somewhat divided people, although along rather predictable lines. There’s concern that it will be seen as politicising science. There’s concern that it will be … Continue reading

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NOAA vs Lamar Smith

Two posts in one day; I haven’t done that for a while. Must be because I’ve drifted back into the climate wars. I kind of wish I was more interested in sociology, because some of what I’ve experienced in the … Continue reading

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Lukewarmers part II

I wrote about Lukewarmers a while back. Idiotracker has also discussed them, and Eli calls them Luckwarmers. Tamsin Edwards’s recent Guardian article has, however, reinvigorated the topic and Brigitte Nerlich has tried to understand the emergence and spread of such … Continue reading

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Rachel Maddow

A tweet from Rachel Maddow reminded me that I’d seen a clip of her after Obama’s re-election that had to be one of the most moving and insightful political/social comments/speeches I’d ever seen. I know it’s old (and maybe you’ve … Continue reading

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