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Professional Climateball(TM)

The whole saga about Matt Ridley and his recent Times article called Policy-based evidence making feels a bit like a semi-professional version of ClimateBallTM. His article didn’t go down well with some, including Richard Betts and Mark Maslin (a Professor … Continue reading

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Nonlinear feedbacks

I’ve written a number of posts about the energy balance models (EBMs) used by Nic Lewis and thought I might write one more (sorry SB 🙂 ). In a previous post, Victor asked what I thought the reasons were for … Continue reading

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A meeting of minds

I wasn’t sure whether or not to write about the recent meeting between some British climate scientists and a group of “skeptics”, that took place during Anthony Watts’s recent trip to the UK, but since there are some reports about … Continue reading

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The “pause” that probably isn’t

Matt Ridley has a particularly silly article in the Wall Street Journal called Whatever happened to Global Warming. In his article he says Well, the pause has now lasted for 16, 19 or 26 years—depending on whether you choose the … Continue reading

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Adventures on the Hill

My post about Andrew Montford promoting Doug Keenan’s statistical models (well, statistical somethings), prompted Andrew to respond with a post of his own. In the spirit of harmony, I thought I might spend some time commenting there. I was pleasantly … Continue reading

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