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I’m spending a couple of weeks in Vienna while attending a workshop on planet formation. Spent yesterday doing a bike tour, and wine tasting, in the Wachau Valley, and then spent today visiting some of the attractions in Vienna. The … Continue reading

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A global temperature

Eli’s post about some of Ross McKitrick’s blunders reminded me that I was involved in a discussion elsewhere when someone highlighted another of his papers called Does a global temperature exist? (with Christopher Essex and Bjarne Andresen). It’s rather old, … Continue reading

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The “pause” that probably isn’t

Matt Ridley has a particularly silly article in the Wall Street Journal called Whatever happened to Global Warming. In his article he says Well, the pause has now lasted for 16, 19 or 26 years—depending on whether you choose the … Continue reading

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McIntyre & McKitrick

Yesterday I wrote a post about Debunking the Hockey Stick. What I learned was that, as expected, many have already discussed this in some detail and, also, that there’s much about this that I don’t fully understand (no surprises there … Continue reading

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Debunking the Hockey Stick

This may be old news to many that read my posts, but a comment on one of my recent posts has made me think that I should try to address the claim that the Hockey Stick has been debunked. The … Continue reading

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Watt about pricing CO2 emissions?

Watts Up With That (WUWT) has a recent post called an evidence based approach to pricing CO2 emissions. It’s about a proposal by Ross Mckitrick, an economist at Guelph University. The basic idea – presented here – seems to be … Continue reading

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