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Guest post: ‘An inconvenient truth’ – Exploring the dynamics of making climate change public

This is a guest post by Brigitte Nerlich and Warren Pearce about their new paper called ‘An inconvenient truth’: A social representation of scientific expertise. I’ve never really had a discussion about Al Gore and “An inconvenient truth” on this … Continue reading

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They’re coming for climate scientists!

Doug McNeall had a bit of a tweet-storm yesterday about some personal thoughts on communicating climate science, which he titled So, they’re coming for climate scientists (hence, my title). It caused some discussion on Twitter, and on another blog, to … Continue reading

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William Rowan Hamilton

A screaming song is good in case you need to scream. In case you need one to scream at anyone who’d dare to tell you that Science ought to kneel down to the Militaro-Industrial Complex to save itself, here’s one: (Yes, Virginia, … Continue reading

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Science communication

I came across a Guardian article called why scientists are losing the fight to communicate science to the public. The only polite way I can describe it is missing the point entirely. The article was motivated by Brian Cox’s appearance … Continue reading

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Socially constructed silence?

There’s an interesting article discussing some research that seems to suggest that there is a socially constructed silence. The basic suggestion seems to be that [t]he scientific community is profoundly uncomfortable with the storm of political controversy that climate research … Continue reading

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Science communication

I’ve been away at a meeting for a couple of days and have been too busy to write any posts, or even think about what to write. Like Eli, however, I’m also still somewhat mystified by the consensus messaging wars. … Continue reading

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