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Guest post: On Baselines and Buoys

One of the key criticisms of Karl et al. (2015) is that it used a dataset that adjusted buoy data up to ship data – the suggestion being that, in doing so, they produced more apparent warming than if the … Continue reading

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Sea surface warming and cloud feedbacks

I wrote a post a while agoe about a paper that was suggesting that the reason for the difference between the observationally-based estimates for climate sensitivity, and other estimates, was that the pattern of sea surface temperatures can produce different … Continue reading


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Watt about Bob’s book?

I notice that Bob Tisdale has a post on Watts Up With That (WUWT) introducing his new book called Climate Models Fail. My, rather mean, first thought was that he should have included a colon between the words Models and … Continue reading

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Ocean heat content and sea surface temperatures

I had a number of interesting Twitter conversations today and thought I would write about one of them. It started with me retweeting something from Andy Revkin which showed the NOAA ocean heat content, down to a depth of 2000m, … Continue reading

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