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And so it begins!

Begins might be slightly wrong, as we’ve already had the David Rose saga, but it certainly continues. What I’m referring to is an article in the spectator by David Whitehouse (science editor of the Global Warming Policy Foundation) in which … Continue reading

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There is no tribe!

David Rose has a new article about Judith Curry called I was tossed out of the tribe. Well, here’s problem number one. There is no tribe. If you’re a scientist/researcher, then you should be aiming to do research that is … Continue reading

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An opportunity for Richard Tol

One of the complaints often directed at climate scientists is that they’re quick to criticise media reports that claim that alarmist projections are wrong, but don’t criticise the media when they incorrectly make alarmist claims. A recent Spectator article by … Continue reading

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On holiday

Tomorrow, I’m off on for a week’s holiday with the family and with some family friends and will probably not have much internet access. I suspect that I will not be writing any posts, responding to comments, or approving any … Continue reading

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The Spectator: How accurate is the Met Office?

Originally posted on Official blog of the Met Office news team:
In an article which appeared in the Spectator online today, Rupert Darwall makes a sustained attack on climate scientists and specifically on the Met Office. His main point seems…

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