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Climategate is a topic I’ve rarely discussed on this blog. Mostly because it’s clear that it’s not possible to have a constructive discussion with those who have different views about its significance. However, since I watched the BBC show about … Continue reading


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Some thoughts on Hockey Sticks

Since I’m waiting for the rain to stop so that I can finish cutting the grass, I thought I might post some thoughts I’ve had about hockey sticks. It’s partly motivated by a discussion I was having in the comments … Continue reading

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I’m at a bit of loose end today. I should really be out of the office, as there are important things happening, but I have no control over them and so have come in anyway. I have, however, looked through … Continue reading

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The irrational optimist

Matt Ridley, who regards himself as a rational optimist, had an OpEd in the Wall Street Journal yesterday titled Science is about evidence, not consensus. Indeed, I agree, I just think that what Matt Ridley suggests in his article is, … Continue reading

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