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Only Connect

You may have heard of the cumulative temperature increases plateauing between 1998 and 2013. “But Da Paws” was all the rage around 2012 in the Contrarian Matrix – recall for instance when David Rose became Judy’s megaphone. Then it subsided: … Continue reading

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And so it begins!

Begins might be slightly wrong, as we’ve already had the David Rose saga, but it certainly continues. What I’m referring to is an article in the spectator by David Whitehouse (science editor of the Global Warming Policy Foundation) in which … Continue reading

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Clarity of meaning

A while ago I discussed a Nature Climate Change article by Greg Hollin and Warren Pearce called Tension between scientific certainty and meaning complicates communication of IPCC reports. A number of us submitted a response, which appeared today together with … Continue reading

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Explaining the “pause”

There have been a number of recent posts discussing the supposed “pause” in the rise in global surface temperatures. For example, RealClimate, Tamino, and a guest post on Ed Hawkins’s blog. I thought it only right that I should add … Continue reading

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The “pause” that probably isn’t

Matt Ridley has a particularly silly article in the Wall Street Journal called Whatever happened to Global Warming. In his article he says Well, the pause has now lasted for 16, 19 or 26 years—depending on whether you choose the … Continue reading

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The length of the “pause”?

In a recent post, Judith Curry highlighted a new paper by Shaun Lovejoy called Return periods of global climate fluctuations and the pause. This is a follow-up of an earlier paper that concluded that the probability of a centennial scale … Continue reading

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Pause for thought?

There’s a cleverly worded commentary in Nature Climate Change by Ed Hawkins, Tamsin Edwards, and Doug McNeall called Pause for thought. The article starts with The recent slowdown (or ‘pause’) in global surface temperature rise is a hot topic for … Continue reading

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