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Temperature targets

I realise Michael Tobis is planning a follow-up to his post, but I thought would quickly pen this post about temperature targets, for example the Paris target of keeping the increase in global average temperature to well below 2°C above … Continue reading

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Antarctica is an amazing place for many reasons. It’s a pristine and exotic environment with scenery you’ll see almost nowhere else on the planet. It also has no permanent human habitation. The only reason we spend time on the continent … Continue reading

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Arctic emergency?

I wrote a post a while ago that included a discussion of the risks of rapid methane emission in the Arctic. The general view was probably quite well represented by Michael Tobis’s comment I think the prevailing opinion remains that … Continue reading

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Judith Curry says it’s okay

In a recent post, I highlighted an interview with Michael Mann in which he discusses possible tipping points. These are essentially rapid and irreversible (at least on short timescales) changes to our climate system. Judith Curry, however, has a recent … Continue reading

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Michael Mann on tipping points

I’m sure many would disagree, but although I’m clearly aligned with those who are regarded as alarmists, I’ve tried quite hard to avoid alarmist rhetoric. That doesn’t mean I’m not concerned/alarmed, just that my intent here was to discuss (mostly) … Continue reading

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