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A little surprised it took this long

After writing about the Terence Mills affair I popped across to Bishop Hill to point out that Mill’s ideas were mostly nonsense. This then lead to a rather lengthy exchange about me posting comments during working hours (I think it … Continue reading

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The Avoidance of the Intellectual

I came across a quote that I found quite compelling, and so thought I would also post it here. I first saw it on this site, which got it from here, but I think it’s actually out of this book. … Continue reading

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Unless you’re a UK-based academic, you may not know that yesterday was an important day in UK academia; it was the release of the results from the 2014 Research Excellence Framework (REF) exercise. This is an assessment of most of … Continue reading

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Elements of truth

Stoat’s recent post about peer review, reminded me that there was something related that I had been considering writing about. There appears to be many climate “skeptics” (deniers some would call them) who regularly make claims about peer review being … Continue reading

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