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Less science, more social science!

Stoat has a new post called climate science identifies the problem – it can’t tell us what to do in response and – as he says – this is pretty bleedin’ obvious. Science can clearly provide information as to how … Continue reading

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Honesty and hypocrisy

Now, I should probably just ignore this, but sometimes I do just have enough, so here goes nothing. Paul Matthews, who is a Mathematician at the University of Nottingham has spent the last year or so claiming that I’m a … Continue reading

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Certainty and meaning?

There’s a new paper in Nature Climate Change by Greg Hollin and Warren Pearce called Tension between scientific certainty and meaning complicates communication of IPCC reports. You can read more about it in this Making Science Public post. Let me … Continue reading

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Has there been a “pause”?

Reiner Grundmann, who is a Professor of Science and Technology Studies at the University of Nottingham, yesterday tweeted the following statement and question. I think climate scientists should make up their mind: either there is a ‘pause’ in temp rise … Continue reading

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