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‘Net zero’

There’s been some recent debate about the term ‘net-zero’. Just to give some basic background, given that the zero emission commitment is close to zero (i.e., when we get anthropogenic emissions to zero, global surface temperatures should soon stabilise) means … Continue reading

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Avoiding dangerous to catastrophic climate change

I haven’t really had much to say, hence the lack of posts. I still don’t, but I thought I would quickly highlight a recent paper by Xu and Ramanathan called Well below 2 °C: Mitigation strategies for avoiding dangerous to … Continue reading

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Climate targets

Oliver Geden is a climate/energy policy analyst at the German Institute for International and Security Affairs. I’ve written before about Oliver Geden’s views and have, typically, been rather unimpressed by what he presents. He’s even accussed me of misrepresenting him, … Continue reading

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Zero emissions

David Roberts has a recent post that I’ve only just noticed called why zero is a better climate target than 2 degrees. The zero refers to net global emissions, not to temperature. The argument is essentially that zero is a … Continue reading

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