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2022: A year in review

I normally try to write a summary of some of the blog posts I’ve written during the year, and would typically highlight a few posts from each month. However, I’ve written so little this year, that I thought I would … Continue reading

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I’ve been doing some reading, and listening to podcasts, to try and better understand longtermism. It’s currently topical because of its association with effective altruism (EA) and the collapse of the FTX crypto exchange. Some have been very critical of … Continue reading

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Victor Venema

I was going to write a Christmas post but have just discovered, through Sou and Frank Sonntag on Mastodon, that Victor Venema died suddenly. Victor was a researcher at the University of Bonn and worked on homogenising climate data. He … Continue reading

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Some nostalgia

I haven’t had much time to write posts, nor really had much to write about. I have, however, started looking through some of the photographs I took when working for the South African National Antarctic Programme as a physicist in … Continue reading

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