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Advocacy and scientific credibility

To the surprise of few, I suspect, it appears that scientists can advocate without damaging their, or the scientific community’s, credibility. It’s reported in this paper, [d]oes Engagement in Advocacy Hurt the Credibility of Scientists? and is discussed in this … Continue reading

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Why I find it difficult to discuss climate policy

I generally try to avoid discussing climate policy specifically. One obvious reason is that I don’t have any particular expertise in that area, or any special insights. However, there is a somewhat subtler reason as to why I find it … Continue reading

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Climate targets

Oliver Geden is a climate/energy policy analyst at the German Institute for International and Security Affairs. I’ve written before about Oliver Geden’s views and have, typically, been rather unimpressed by what he presents. He’s even accussed me of misrepresenting him, … Continue reading

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Research Integrity

Stephan Lewandoesky and Dorothy Bishop (whose blog I used to read quite a lot, but haven’t for a while) have published a comment in Nature about Research Integrity, arguing that we shouldn’t let transparency damage science. It’s a complex issue, … Continue reading

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A poignant essay

Although I find this a rather uncomfortable topic, I thought it well worth highlighting an article by Piers Sellers in which he discusses his thoughts about climate change, given that he has just been diagnosed with Stage 4 pancreatic cancer. … Continue reading

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The only response, so far, to our article climate change is real, and important is here, on a site I suspect many regard as having a title that is slightly disingenuous. The main crticism of our article was simply the … Continue reading

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How we save nature

Maybe I should stop discussing Ecomodernism, but I do find it interesting and I do think that there are aspects of it that are worth taking seriously. It’s really a pity that it’s being promoted and presented in a way … Continue reading

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