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An international solar geoengineering non-use agreement

I wrote about Solar Radiation Managment, or solar geoengineering, earlier this year. It’s become a rather contentious topic, with some regarding it as worth exploring, and others almost seeming to regard it as something we should avoid at all costs. … Continue reading

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The tragedy of climate change science?

Since my last post was about how scientists failed the pandemic test, I thought I might comment on another paper highlighting the tragedy of climate change science. The basic premise of the article is that society has failed to take … Continue reading

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How scientists failed the pandemic test

Philip Ball has an interesting article about UK science advice called [q]uiet, uncritical, obedient: how the UK’s scientists failed the pandemic test. It make some good points about there appearing to have been collusion between the science advisors and the … Continue reading

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Matt and Chris’ Gurumeter

Matt Browne is a Professor of psychology for the School of Health, Medical and Applied Sciences at the University of Australia. He hosts the Decoding the Guru podcast, which AT praised recently, along with Chris Kavanaugh, cognitive anthropologist at Oxford … Continue reading

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2021: A year in review

I have typically done a year in review post that I normally publish on 31 December. However, this time, I forgot (despite Willard reminding me) so here is one I’ve put together fairly quickly. Apologies for being a bit late. … Continue reading

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