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Consensus enforcers

I’ve been engaging in some discussions over at cliscep (yes, yes, I know). It included Ben Pile, who seems to think that the phrase is play the man, not the ball. Ben’s mantra appears to be that there is a … Continue reading

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A new exoplanet!

You might think I’m going to discuss the newly discovered explanet around Proxima Centauri, but – no – that’s pretty much been done to death. Instead, I thought I might tell you about our paper that was accepted on the … Continue reading

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William Rowan Hamilton

A screaming song is good in case you need to scream. In case you need one to scream at anyone who’d dare to tell you that Science ought to kneel down to the Militaro-Industrial Complex to save itself, here’s one: (Yes, Virginia, … Continue reading

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Science communication

I came across a Guardian article called why scientists are losing the fight to communicate science to the public. The only polite way I can describe it is missing the point entirely. The article was motivated by Brian Cox’s appearance … Continue reading

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Saving science?

After my discussion about Reiner Grundmann’s Nature Comment, someone made me aware of an article called saving science. It’s rather long and has already been described as the the largest (and most verbose) strawman ever. His basic argument seems to … Continue reading

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Katie Mack, Brian Cox and Eric Idle

I was going to post this yesterday, but then Willard beat me to it. I thought I would post it now, but it’s all a bit disjointed, so apologies. Anyway, a couple of my fellow physicists/astrophysicists have been quite prominent … Continue reading

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Dialog On Nature

Reficcug 0.2 released the ACTUAL transcript of the Chatham ruled negotiations between the Hartwell Brokering Ship (HBS) and a Throng of Tepid Physicists (TTP). HBS: You created a conceptual mess – please leave the AGW problem to us. TTP: Recommend you stop excluding practitioners of … Continue reading

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Less science, more social science!

Stoat has a new post called climate science identifies the problem – it can’t tell us what to do in response and – as he says – this is pretty bleedin’ obvious. Science can clearly provide information as to how … Continue reading

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Murry Salby in London

Joshua has pointed out that Judith Curry has written a post about Murry Salby’s recent presentation in London. There was some hope that Judith might actually express some views about his ideas, but she just seems to find it interesting. … Continue reading

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Emission reductions, negative emissions, and overshoots

I was wanting to briefly discuss a paper I ran across that looks at What would it take to achieve the Paris temperature targets? The basic idea is to develop emission pathways that depend on three basic parameters; the time … Continue reading

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