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2020: A year in review

It’s been quite a year. The blog certainly hasn’t been as active as it has been in previous years. This is partly because it is simply getting more and more difficult to motivate myself to write posts, but is also … Continue reading

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The impact of climate change, and the cost of climate policies

There’s been a reasonable amount of discussion about Bjorn Lomborg’s fairly recent paper [w]elfare in the 21st century: Increasing development, reducing inequality, the impact of climate change, and the cost of climate policies. A key part of the paper is … Continue reading

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Happy festive season

I was trying to find a suitably amusing Christmas cartoon that properly reflected the year we’ve had, but failed to do so. Instead, I thought I’d post a picture of a snowman that we made a good number of years … Continue reading

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Where have all the STS’ers gone?

There’s a recent paper in Science and Technology Studies by Jaron Harambam called The Corona Truth Wars: Where Have All the STS’ers Gone When We Need Them Most? The topic is, fairly obviously, the current coronavirus pandemic, and the abstract … Continue reading

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Societal collapse

A couple of days ago, a letter was signed by a group of academics suggesting that People who care about environmental and humanitarian issues should not be discouraged from discussing the risks of societal disruption or collapse. I largely agree … Continue reading

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A Climateball Bingo Card

The idea of a Climateball Bingo always seemed conceptual to me, as a nifty way to refer to common contrarian talking points. But last week I found an online generator, and after a bit of work I got a real … Continue reading

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