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You only need about 60 surface stations

Since surface temperature changes are correlated over distances of about 1000 km (it does depend somewhat on the latitude of the stations), it turns that you only need about 60 stations to produce a reasonable surface temperature dataset. [Edit: As … Continue reading

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Expose: David Rose does not understand baselines

Never failing to disappoint, David Rose is back with a new expose on how world leaders were duped into investing billions over manipulated global warming data. It refers to a paper published by Karl et al. in 2015 in which … Continue reading

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Climate Sensitivity on the Rise

There’s a Nature news & views article by Kyle Armour called Projection and prediction: Climate sensitivity on the rise. It discusses various analyses that indicate that simple energy balance methods tend to under-estimate climate sensitivity. Normally, I would write a … Continue reading

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Committed warming

There’s been a bit of a discussion on Twitter about what it would take to stabilise atmospheric concentrations, or to stabilise global average temperatures (there seemed to be some confusion as to which was being stabilised). The bottom line seems … Continue reading

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Climate Feedback

Climate Feedback is a site on which scientists grade articles about climate science. Not only do they provide comments, they also give a final grade, indicating the scientific credibility. For example, Chris Mooney’s article on what we’re doing to the … Continue reading

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Temperature homogenisation

Amazing as it may seem, the whole tampering with temperature data conspiracy has managed to rear its ugly head once again. James Delingpole has a rather silly article that even Bishop Hill calls interesting (although, to be fair, I have … Continue reading

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Decades of cooling?

Victor Venema and Judith Curry were having a Twitter discussion yesterday about uncertainty. I think – although Victor can correct me – that Victor was trying to get Judith to acknowledge that uncertainty works both ways. Even though it is … Continue reading

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