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97% vs 99.99%

We’ve just had another consensus paper published. The paper is called Does It Matter if the Consensus on Anthropogenic Global Warming Is 97% or 99.99%? (pre-print here). The lead author is Andy Skuce, who has a nice post about it. … Continue reading

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Climate Feedback

Climate Feedback is a site on which scientists grade articles about climate science. Not only do they provide comments, they also give a final grade, indicating the scientific credibility. For example, Chris Mooney’s article on what we’re doing to the … Continue reading


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Un-designing our climate

Last year I wrote about the Monckton, Soon, Legates & Briggs paper, Why models run hot: results from an irreducibly simple climate model. Well, Mark Richardson, Zeke Hausfather, Dana Nuccitelli, John Abraham and myself, have managed to publish a response … Continue reading

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Are you alarmed?

I haven’t really had a chance to read the newly released WGII Summary for Policy Makers, but I have had a quick glance and have read some related articles. Eli Rabett has a post, Sou has some reactions, there are … Continue reading

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A new observational constraint on the ECS

I wanted to just quickly write a post about something Dana highlighted in his recent Guardian article, global warming is unpaused and stuck on fast-forward. The article discusses the recent paper by Trenberth & Fasullo (2013) that considers whether we … Continue reading

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Dana Nuccitelli posted a tweet yesterday about an article called The truth about tornadoes in which he suggested Tornado experts say @RogerPielkeJr and Richard Muller are misleading the American public http://t.co/QQZd3wFjQz via @LiveScience — Dana Nuccitelli (@dana1981) December 4, 2013 … Continue reading

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Closing down the debate!

Making Science Public has allowed Dana Nuccitelli to respond to Ben Pile’s recent post What’s behind the battle of received wisdoms?. I think Dana’s response is very good, but I would say that wouldn’t I? One of the things that … Continue reading

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Unless you haven’t been paying attention, you’ll be aware that I’m writing this blog anonymously. There are a number of reasons why I’ve chosen to do so. I don’t enjoy some of the unpleasant exchanges that appear quite common when … Continue reading

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Andrew Neil’s correction to the corrections

Last Sunday Andrew Neil interviewed Ed Davey on the Sunday politics show on BBC1. I thought it was a very poor interview and criticised it in a recent post. Dana Nuccitelli was also very critical and pointed out a number … Continue reading

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Richard Tol’s second draft

So I’ve had a look through the second draft of Richard Tol’s paper Qunatifying the consensus on anthropogenic global warming in the literature:a comment. It doesn’t seem to have changed much, so I stand by much of what I said … Continue reading

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