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Outgoing longwave radiation

Something that often strikes me is that when I think I understand something quite well, there often turns out to be an aspect that I haven’t understood particularly well. I sometimes think that this is can be an important thing … Continue reading

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AGW in One GIF

An image is said to be worth a thousand words. A GIF encapsulates many images. This one may not cover all ClimateBall players said, but I like it: Which words would that GIF be worth? If you got another illustration … Continue reading

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Tame and Wicked Problems

Reiner Grundmann has a new paper on The rightful placeful of expertise. It’s rather long, but there were a couple of things I wanted to highlight, and it gives me chance to try and stress something I was trying to … Continue reading

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Sea level rise

There’s a bizarre article in the Wall Street Journal by Fred Singer called, The Sea Is Rising, but Not Because of Climate Change. It’s actually so bonkers that it’s quite hard to know where to start. I’ll give it go, … Continue reading

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ECS from a modified energy balance approach

Andrew Dessler’s paper (technically Dessler and Forster), which he mentioned in this comment, has now appeared as a pre-print. Essentially, they use an energy balance approach to estimate equilibrium climate sensitivity (ECS), but – as I mentioned in this post … Continue reading

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Galactic cosmic rays

There’s a recent Nature Communications paper by Svensmark et al. called [i]ncreased ionization supports growth of aerosols into cloud condensation nuclei. The basic idea is that cosmic rays (energetic particles typically accelerated by shock waves) can influence the growth of … Continue reading

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Assessing global warming

A couple of years ago I wrote a joint post with Roger Pielke Sr that discussed assessing anthropogenic global warming. The post basically used changes in ocean heat content to assess anthropogenic global warming. The basic idea (which is not … Continue reading

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