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A little bit of sociology of science?

I recently published a paper on turbulence in discs around young stars. The basic conclusion was that turbulence tends to inhibit, rather than promote, a potential planet formation process. However, rather than talk about the paper itself, I thought I … Continue reading

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The enhanced greenhouse effect

This is really just an opportunity to write a little bit about science, and to advertise other people’s work. There are some who suggest that adding CO2 to the atmosphere can’t lead to warming because CO2 absorption is saturated. This … Continue reading

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Science Wars

I’ve finished reading Shawn Otto’s book The War on Science. It was a bit US-centric, but I still found it interesting, and it covered a lot of ground. What I found of particular interest, was the discussion of the role … Continue reading

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Political bias in the Academy

I know Eli has mentioned the Heterodox Academy, as has Judith, but I thought I would add my two-cents worth. The goal of the Heterodox Academy seems to be to increase viewpoint diversity in the academy, with a special focus … Continue reading

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The Encyclical Letter

I don’t have much to say about the Encyclical Letter. It’s long and full of words. I am pleased that the Catholic Church is taking this seriously, but not because it’s the Catholic Church specifically, but because I think everyone … Continue reading

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Black swans

Eli’s recent post about Black swans, and black cats, motivated me to look into what the whole Black Swan idea was all about. As I understand it, a Black Swan event is simply an unexpected event, that has a significant … Continue reading

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Are you alarmed?

I haven’t really had a chance to read the newly released WGII Summary for Policy Makers, but I have had a quick glance and have read some related articles. Eli Rabett has a post, Sou has some reactions, there are … Continue reading

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