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Polar Bears – a rebuttal

I wrote a post a little while ago about Harvey et als paper on [i]nternet Blogs, Polar Bears, and Climate-Change Denial by Proxy. Their basic conclusion was that if you divide blogs into those that accept anthropogenic global warming (AGW) … Continue reading

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Another 97%

In a previous post I mentioned that Richard Tol had published a paper on the structure of the climate debate. As I said in that post, the paper appears to be trying to portray the author as part of some … Continue reading

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The Royal Society and the GWPF

A couple of weeks ago, it came out that the Royal Society had hired space for an event being run by the Global Warming Policy Foundation (GWPF). The event turns out to be a lecture by Matt Ridley, who I … Continue reading

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Consensus on consensus

Richard Tol’s consensus paper has finally been published. Richard’s paper can probably be described as taking all possible sets of numbers from all the various other consensus studies, and plotting graphs showing various possible levels of consensus, but without paying … Continue reading

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Richard Tol’s climate sensitivity estimate

In his interview with Roger Harrabin, Richard Tol said something quite interesting. He claimed: RT: The very start of my career was about trying to show that CO2 and other greenhouse gases cause climate change. We were one of the … Continue reading

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Short memory?

To follow up from my earlier post I thought I might quickly write another one, as it almost seems as though Richard Tol has forgotten that he published – last year – a correction to his own 2009 meta analysis. … Continue reading

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Going for the record

Just a quick post to highlight a BBC article called society set for climate change woe. You might be surprised by who was quoted as agreeing that we are about at the point where the consequences are starting to outweigh … Continue reading

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