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Initial value problem vs boundary value problem

I haven’t actually looked at Judith Curry’s blog for a while, but popped across there and noticed a guest post about energy budgets, climate system domains, and internal variability. One reason why we think that we can actually do long-term … Continue reading


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Engineering the software for understanding climate change

Since Judith Curry has a guest post about global climate models and the laws of physics, I thought it would be worth posting this recently released video of a talk about climate modelling (see below). It’s by Steve Easterbrook, who … Continue reading

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Committed warming

There’s been a bit of a discussion on Twitter about what it would take to stabilise atmospheric concentrations, or to stabilise global average temperatures (there seemed to be some confusion as to which was being stabilised). The bottom line seems … Continue reading

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Policing science

Eric Steig linked, yesterday, to a couple of old articles – by Steve Easterbrook – about the Climategate saga, one in Think Progress and the other a debate with George Monbiot. I agreed with much (possibly all) of what Steve … Continue reading

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Another good TED talk about climate models

Just came across what seems to be an excellent TEDx talk, by Steve Easterbrook, about climate models. One take away message seems to be that climate models are less buggy than virtually all commercially available software, and they’re almost as … Continue reading

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