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Shifting the Overton window

Stoat has a new post about there being two sorts of people in the world in which he says the GND is not just stupid but would in the unlikely event of it being imposed be actively harmful; and at … Continue reading

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Initial value problem vs boundary value problem

I haven’t actually looked at Judith Curry’s blog for a while, but popped across there and noticed a guest post about energy budgets, climate system domains, and internal variability. One reason why we think that we can actually do long-term … Continue reading


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Carbon budgets and the impacts of climate change

I’m somewhat stealing this from Stoat, but it’s an interesting topic, and it really originates from a tweet by Gavin Schmidt anyway 😉 I think this is correct. There's no connection to speak of between the impacts of carbon emissions … Continue reading

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Speaking out

There’s a current Twitter hashtag called #WeNeedToChangeTheWorld, which WMC has also discussed in this post. It’s bit cliché, but it’s probably true, for many reasons. As also mentioned in WMC’s post, Peter Jacobs tweeted the following The politics of the … Continue reading

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Scientific civility and the climate wars

Partly because I managed to get my laptop to stop working (by spilling coffee on the keyboard) and partly because I don’t have much to say (well, not much that would be constructive) I haven’t posted for a few days. … Continue reading

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Atmospheric Heat Engine

In the interests of unfanning (not actually a word, it would seem) the flames, or not fanning them any further, I thought I would write about what seems to be an interesting paper brought to my attention by William Connolley. … Continue reading

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Woo hoo, fame at last!

It appears that I now have my very own Josh cartoon, currently being promoted on Bishop-Hill and Watts Up With That. I think I made an appearance in an earlier one, but this is the first to focus only on … Continue reading

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A challenge?

A comment by William Connolley on Sou’s recent post lead me to Joanne Nova’ site. The post on Joanne’s site, that William had highlighted, was about how the media distorts the news and contained the classic line If the world … Continue reading

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Watt about Bob and William

Although I’ve somewhat changed the focus of this blog, there is a post over at Watts Up With That (WUWT) that has made me decide to have another Watt about … post. It’s a post by Bob Tisdale and is … Continue reading

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Forcings and feedbacks

William Connolley had a recent post about making stuff up, that discussed the linear relationship between temperature change and change in forcing (ΔT = λΔF). I commented that I had thought that this linear relationship was simply an approximation based … Continue reading

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