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One graph to rule them all

Given that I’ve written a number of posts about the so-called “pause”, I thought I would mention a recent paper by Lewandowsky, Risbey & Oreskes called On the definition and identifiability of the alleged “hiatus” in global warming. I don’t … Continue reading

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Under confident

Naomi Oreskes has a recent article in the New York Times called Playing Dumb on Climate Change. The article discusses statistical significance and, in particular, Type I (false positive) and Type II (false negative) errors. The basic point being made … Continue reading

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Come on Andrew, you can get this.

Andrew Montford, an influential climate blogger in the UK, is – once again – suggesting that man made climate change is not clear because, we are unable to demonstrate a statistically significant change in surface temperatures because of the difficulty … Continue reading

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Watt about the pause or decline?

There is a recent post on Watts Up With That (WUWT) called are we in a pause or a decline (now includes at least April data). The answer, in my scientific opinion, is neither. I don’t quite know what argument … Continue reading

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