What we know

Interesting video interview with Richard Alley – that I had been tempted to write about myself – but, since Rachel’s already done so, I’m going to be lazy and simply reblog her post. I’m also going to close comments on my re-post so that if anyone wants to comment, they can do so on Rachel’s blog. Of course, if Rachel would rather people didn’t, she can always re-open comments on my re-post 🙂 .

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4 Responses to What we know

  1. Rachel says:

    I see. Reblog my post *after* I’ve gone to bed and then close the comments on yours. Naughty!

    People are most welcome to comment on my blog of course – I’d love that – unless they go by the handle Foxgoose.

  2. I was trying to avoid what happened when I reposted Bethan Davies’s post. My re-post got more than 10 times as many comments as her original, and that just seemed wrong 🙂 .

  3. Rachel says:

    That’s because your blog has become like a comfortable pair of slippers for many commenters and it’s easier to comment somewhere familiar. I suspect what would have happened with Bethan Davies’ post, if you’d closed the comments on your reblog, is that she’d have still got the same number of comments. But you would have avoided that fabulously entertaining thread with 278 comments and still counting.

    Feel free to close the comments again if you want. I can always reopen them. 🙂

  4. I’ll wait till you’ve gone to bed again 🙂

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