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Maximum warming

There’s an interesting new paper by Katharine Ricke and Ken Caldeira called Maximum warming occurs about one decade after a carbon dioxide emission. The basic result of the paper is that the median time between the emission of some CO2 … Continue reading

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Unless you’re a UK-based academic, you may not know that yesterday was an important day in UK academia; it was the release of the results from the 2014 Research Excellence Framework (REF) exercise. This is an assessment of most of … Continue reading

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Henry’s Law

Murry Salby is doing a tour of the UK that is being promoted both by Bishop Hill and by ScottishSceptic. One of the ideas promoted by Salby is that the rise in atmospheric CO2 is natural and not anthropogenic. As … Continue reading

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Atmospheric CO2 lifetime

The Hockey Schtick appears to be excited about a new paper that finds that the lifetime of CO2 in atmosphere is only 5.4 years. This appears to actually be an abstract for a conference presentation, rather than an actual paper. … Continue reading

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