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Political activism

There’s been a rather lengthy Twitter exchange involving Judith Curry, mostly focusing on whether or not Judith is a political activist. Judith appears to be suggesting that what she does is not political activism, or any form of political advocacy, … Continue reading


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Research integrity

I noticed, via a tweet from Judith Curry, that the House of Commons Science and Technology Committee is holding an inquiry into Research Integrity. I also encountered this written evidence by Michael J Kelly, Emeritus Prince Philip Professor of Technology, … Continue reading

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Big news in the climate blogosphere!

I guess the big news in the climate blogosphere is that Judith Curry has resigned (retired from?) her tenured faculty position at Georgia Tech. One reason appears to be that Judith is disenchanted with today’s academia. I actually have some … Continue reading

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Research Integrity

Stephan Lewandoesky and Dorothy Bishop (whose blog I used to read quite a lot, but haven’t for a while) have published a comment in Nature about Research Integrity, arguing that we shouldn’t let transparency damage science. It’s a complex issue, … Continue reading

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The Road to Hell

Since I’ve made an appearance in a blog post of Judith’s about the road to scientific hell being paved with good intentions, I thought I might make a brief comment. It relates to a Twitter discussion I had with Judith … Continue reading

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