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Open thread: Youth strike for climate

Since I haven’t had a post for a few days, I thought we could have an open thread about the youth strike for climate. I mostly think it’s quite a positive thing; it’s young people whose future is at stake … Continue reading

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Only Connect

You may have heard of the cumulative temperature increases plateauing between 1998 and 2013. “But Da Paws” was all the rage around 2012 in the Contrarian Matrix – recall for instance when David Rose became Judy’s megaphone. Then it subsided: … Continue reading

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Watt about four key charts?

I don’t look at Anthony Watts’s blog, Watts Up With That (WUWT), very often, but I glanced at it today and noticed a guest post called four key charts for a climate change skeptic. Anthony Watts’s pre-amble says Skeptics often … Continue reading

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Jet streams and things

Just back from my meeting and I notice that there is a mini-furore over a story about Scientists warn[ing] of ‘global climate emergency’ over shifting jet stream. The scientists are Paul Beckwith who is currently a PhD student but has … Continue reading

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Monckton doubles down – again!

Recently, I wrote a post pointing out major issues with Monckton et als. recent paper. Stoat thinks it’s complete trash. Arthur Smith has an excellent post discussing real problems with Monckton’s equations. Jan Perlwitz has a post pointing out that … Continue reading

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Pragmatic climate policy

Given that I’ve now been outed (largely thanks to Anthony Watts and Richard Tol, I believe) Rachel had suggested I write a post about myself. I might, at some stage, but thought I would first write about something that was … Continue reading

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Bob Tisdale is wrong!

I think Anthony Watts must be getting rattled by what Sou is writing on her blog. Not only did he – very kindly – out her a while ago, he and Bob Tisdale now insist on using her proper name … Continue reading

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